February 12, 2013

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The next TIP Citizen Volunteer Training Academy will be held in January 2018.


ADULT Training Flyer January 2018

TEEN Training Flyer      January 2018


Training Requirements and Information

Becoming a TIP volunteer is a way of making a hands on difference in someone’s life when they need it most. TIP Volunteers are called through the emergency response system to support citizens in crisis.

Over a 2-week period, will go through an intense 60-hour Training Academy by certified TIP National Trainers on Emotional First Aid.  After completion of the 2-week academy, volunteers enter into a 3-Month Field Training Program where each trainee is paired up with a veteran volunteer.  After the completion of the Field Training Program, trainees graduate as TIP Volunteers.  This ensures that all volunteers are well prepared and ready to respond to citizens in crisis with confidence and assurance.

Citizen Volunteer Training Academies are typically held once or twice a year.  The following are requirements upon entering the academy.

• $50.00 registration fee – due after talking with TIP Staff and confirming place in the academy.
• Have a working cell phone (with texting capabilities)
• Have internet access and an email account – you must have frequent access to internet/email to be a volunteer.
• Have a Driver’s License, working vehicle and GPS Navigation System (Teens – Driver’s License and vehicle not a requirement)
• Attendance at ALL sessions of the Training Academy
• Fingerprinting and criminal background investigation done through TIP during the training
• A hard copy (printout or PDF) of your three year Department of Motor Vehicles driving record (available on your state’s DMV website)
• A copy of auto insurance reflecting current coverage and copy of Driver’s License
• Attend all monthly Continuing Education Meetings, take three 12-hour on-call shifts per month, and sign a 1-year contract upon completion of 3-month Field Training Program

*TIPTeens are not required to have a license, vehicle or take monthly shifts.


Make a difference in your community and .



If you would like more information about TIP or the Training Academy, please contact us by phone at 503-823-3937, or send us an email.


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