TIP Resource Guide
Sesame Street – When Children Grieve
Common Reactions Following a Traumatic Event
Effective Ways of Coping After a Traumatic Event
Coping With The Loss Of a Loved One
Grief – Practical Suggestions
Helping Others After Tragedy Strikes: What To Say and Do
Helping Children Cope After a Traumatic Event
Helping Children Grieve
What To Do When Death Enters the Life of a Child-Clichés To Be Avoided
What To Do When Death Enters the Life of a Child-Personal Rituals of Healing
Communicating with Children about Disasters
Helping Teenagers Cope After a Traumatic Event
How To Cope After Tragedy Strikes-Tips for Teens
When Tragedy Strikes in the Workplace-Guidelines For Managers
Dealing With Tragedy in the Workplace
Helping Employees React After A Traumatic Event
Key Police Procedures After a Homicide
Suggestions For Survivors of Suicide
After a Suicide: Do's and Don'ts
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
SIDS Parents Need Reassurance
Final Details-A Guide for Survivors When Death Occurs
When Death Occurs: Coroner Procedures
Rape: Reactions of the Victim
Rape: How Family and Friends-Can Help the Victim